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Automatic exchange of information (AEI)
The automatic exchange of information (AEI) is a global project aimed at promoting fiscal transparency about the capital assets held abroad.
That agreement requires member banks in the participating countries to document the tax status of its clients and, where necessary, to transmit certain financial information and related customer data to tax authorities. The data exchanged with the tax authorities contain account information (bank name and account number), personally identifiable information (name and surname/company name, address, country of residence, date of birth and Tax identification number) and financial information (balance, dividends, interest income and other income from disposals).
The AEI standard was defined by the OECD. The acceding countries to the AEI standard (more than 100) foster the mutual exchange of information on bank accounts and foreign deposits among States. Switzerland introduced the standard on 01 January 2017, while the first data will be exchanged starting in 2018.
The following link provides the list of States subject to mandatory AEI reporting:
Switzerland has agreed on the automatic exchange of information agreement with the following partner countries.
Zarattini & Co. Bank and its contributors cannot offer any legal or tax advice. However, you can certainly contact your consultant for more information or contact the following additional useful links:

Federal Tax Administration FTA Switzerland
OECD Organization for economic cooperation and development
SBA Swiss Bankers Association

The FATCA Legislation (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) was introduced on 18 March 2010 by the US government to oppose, with the collaboration of foreign financial intermediaries, tax evasion by US entities operating abroad.
Following the requirements imposed by the Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act (FATCA), the Zarattini & Co. Bank registered on the IRS portal and is classified as FFI Reporting Model 2.
In order to fulfil the obligations imposed by the FATCA the Zarattini & Co. Bank requests that its customers fill out several forms in order to determine their tax domicile, the eventual status of US person, as well as the FATCA classification for legal entities.
The Zarattini & Co. Bank and its collaborators cannot offer any legal or tax advice to customers. However, you can contact your specific consultants to obtain more information or review the additional useful information available at the following links:

Switzerland deposits warranty

Are my deposits covered by the deposit guarantee?
Yes, like every bank and securities dealer that operates in Switzerland, Zarattini & Co Bank SA has signed the “Swiss Banks Depositor protection Agreement”. Customer deposits are therefore protected up to a maximum amount of
CHF 100 000 per customer. Medium-term notes held at the issuing bank on behalf of the depositor, are also considered deposits. Depositor protection in Switzerland is provided by Esisuisse; statutory and regulatory provisions are explained in detail at